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Guide to Riding the Bitterroot 300K

Gravel, Lumber, Mines, and Tunnels: A less-than-definitive guide to riding the bitterroot 300K Good adventures are getting hard to come by, and as legitimate adventures go, cycling the rail trails of the Bitterroot 300K in northern Idaho is about as accessible as it gets. The route consists of four connected rail trails (Old Milwaukee Road, Route of the Hiawatha, NorPac Trail, and Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes), half being gravel, that make up a 300-kilometer loop in the Bitterroot mountains of northern Idaho. You’ll need no guides or permits, or really even a map – just a decent gravel rig equipped with bikepacking bags and enough food, water, and stupidity to get you through. Though you’ll never be in true wilderness, the route is often quite remote and surrounded by woods that are deep, dark, and even a bit creepy. It’s a perfect two-day ride for any experienced cyclist looking to get away from it all without dropping a wad of cash, traveling for days, or wasting countless hours on